Clarise has been published internationally. She has won several literary awards, including first place for her prose, I Am Eire, in the annual Rocky Mountain PBS Storymakers contest, as well as a Scholastic Gold Key for her humor piece, Make Clowns Great Again!


Make Clowns Great Again!

Forget church, this was a communion of clowns! The penny arcade where their meetings resided was cloaked in a blanket of dusty age. In the corner sat a derelict Zoltar: rust highlighting the wrinkles around his mouth. Although the floorboards creaked under the weight of unseen ghosts and the walls sagged with childhood gone-by, the clowns had made this their headquarters and on this particular day it was packed to the brim with passive-aggressive smiles and frizzy wigs. All of the members of the Clown Cult of Colorado (the CCC) were gathered for the annual elections for a new cult leader and this year there was a new candidate. . . In the childlike chatter none of the jesters noticed the highheeled clown shoes stepping onto the podium. And then a hush fell over the clowns and for the first time in the history of the CCC, a woman had run for the position of cult leader.


I Am Eire

I am Eire. The rolling green expanses of fairie hills and hawthorn trees growing out of the Burren walls, sculpted by the wind. I am Eire. A hidden landmark yet to be found by a blind society, a castle that stands watching the tide come in and out twice daily. For I am the green, grey sea, the patchwork of green fields, and the washed out
blue sky that stands watching it all.